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  • We believe every child is special and take care to nurture his/her abilities. Our motive is to bring out the best in every child in a sphere that s/he has talent or interest in.
  • We follow the CBSE curriculum of education. The syllabus is one of the best in the country and equips children with life skills and knowledge to take on any career in life.
  • Our instruments of teaching are not limited to books but also include field trips, reports, projects, homework, CDs, toys and interactive games.
  • To keep our children up with the latest technology and knowhow, we update our syllabus every three years and ensure that our students are at par with other children from state boards (SSC), central board (CBSE) or ICSE even.
  • The pedagogy we adopt is far removed from the humdrum methods of black-board teaching adopted elsewhere. We follow the Montessori methods of teaching infants, the Reggio Emilia method (where it is believed that children develop their personality from early developmental stages and have control over their learning) and the Howard Gardner method (which segregates intelligence into six different parts and believes intelligence cannot be measured with IQ. It treats the level of intelligence in different beings differently based on their environmental experience.)
  • Our activities and field trips are planned strategically to make them fun for children along with educational. The essences of various teaching methods are woven seamlessly into our academic programme which brings out the best in your child.
  • We invite parents to be a part of the learning process by giving us feedback regarding their children’s education. Suggestions offered by parents are valued and we try to incorporate them in our curriculum as much as possible.
  • Sports, Art and Craft, Music and dance are an integral part of our curriculum and we pay as much attention to them as academics.
  • Our teaching and non-teaching staffs take extra care of every student of ours to and help them grow into talented and well groomed individuals.

We try to forge bonds between our students and faculty and non-teaching staff so that when they pass out, they have only fond memories and respect for each other.

Nature Walk

Nature Walk was conducted on 8th August, 2014. We took the students for a nature walk in the school premise, where teachers showed the students various plants, trees, flowers in and around the school. Teacher played games with the students. The students enjoyed the nature walk. They had fun and also were told about the importance of the Nature. Read More..

Red Day

Red Day was conducted on 13th August 2014, where the students were dressed in Red Coloured Dresses. Teacher showed them various things (apple, red rose, cherries, strawberries etc.) which are Red in colour. Teacher asked students to colour the worksheets (apple).Read More..

School Reopens

The school reopens on 5th November 2014

Children's Day

Children's Day celebration on 14th November