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How do I choose the right preschool for my little one?

If you’re looking for a quality preschool program, then remember that: Their work is play. Find out the daily routine at the pre-school, a pattern your child can anticipate day in and day out. Circle time, snack time, nap time — these are the anchoring events that help young children feel safe during the ups and downs of the day. Imaginary play is as important to preschoolers as the air they breathe: Are they working at a sand pit? Playing with blocks? Mesmerized by a story? Building a fort? Parading about in dress-up clothes? Fooling around with puppets? Activities like these are developmentally appropriate and can foster a lifelong love of learning.

How important is a preschool?

The chance to interact with other children is the benefit of preschool in a nutshell. Interacting with other children means learning how to wait, how to take turns, and how to listen. Young children learn social skills when they interact with other children. These social skills are critical to a developing personality.

There are other advantages to preschools — primarily that they are the foundations for academic learning. In preschool your child will listen to poetry and songs — building blocks needed to grasp phonics and reading skills when it is developmentally appropriate. The play that takes place with water, sand, and containers form the foundation for understanding some basic math concepts. Matching, sequencing, one-to-one correspondence are all activities that are done over and over in preschool settings and help children get ready to learn academics. Watching other children pursue a challenging task is also helpful. The presence of other children and a wide variety of materials are two big reasons why a preschool is a good thing.

How do I make the transition to preschool comfortable for my little one?

The actual moment of parting is often the most difficult. Your little one may cry or make a fuss no matter how much he enjoys himself after you leave. So try not to make too much of your child’s tears or let the tears dissuade you from leaving. When it’s time for you to go, offer your child a hug and a warm goodbye. Make a point of picking your child up early or on time, especially during the first few weeks.

Does my preschooler need to be toilet trained before joining?

No your child need not be toilet trained, as our trained maushis will ensure that your child is kept clean at all times, with regular checks.

Nature Walk

Nature Walk was conducted on 8th August, 2014. We took the students for a nature walk in the school premise, where teachers showed the students various plants, trees, flowers in and around the school. Teacher played games with the students. The students enjoyed the nature walk. They had fun and also were told about the importance of the Nature.Read More..

Red Day

Red Day was conducted on 13th August 2014, where the students were dressed in Red Coloured Dresses. Teacher showed them various things (apple, red rose, cherries, strawberries etc.) which are Red in colour. Teacher asked students to colour the worksheets (apple). Read More..

School Reopens

The school reopens on 5th November 2014

Children's Day

Children's Day celebration on 14th November