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Celebrated the Independence Day

On behalf of the faculty and teachers at Takshashila Gurukul Public School, I would like to extend a warm welcome to old and new students and their parents alike. Every academic year brings with it a new group of students and parents to the school with whom we form a strong bond of respect and reliance. We treat our students with love and respect and engage in every possible activity to help their overall development as human beings.

Takshashila Gurukul Public School was set up with the intention of offering you an unique educational experience. Aside from the fun daily activities that you perform on campus, your child will be provided access to computer rooms, audio video study materials and a well-stocked library to accelerate his process of learning. Our faculty makes it a point to meet parents regularly regarding the progress of students. We take every measure to keep your children in a safe and clean environment inside the schools grounds

We nurture the talents and skills of every child who walks through our portals and take care of their needs. We value the fact that your child is unique and requires different treatment to blossom. The environment that our staff and teachers create will help your child come out of his shell and express his thoughts and ideas. We sincerely take responsibility to groom your children into great human beings. The faculty and staff are open to suggestions from you regarding your child’s progress.

With the vision of providing the finest quality of education to your child, let us embark on this wonderful experience of fun and learning.

- Dr. Ankita Sanghavi

Nature Walk

Nature Walk was conducted on 8th August, 2014. We took the students for a nature walk in the school premise, where teachers showed the students various plants, trees, flowers in and around the school. Teacher played games with the students. The students enjoyed the nature walk. They had fun and also were told about the importance of the Nature.Read More..

Red Day

Red Day was conducted on 13th August 2014, where the students were dressed in Red Coloured Dresses. Teacher showed them various things (apple, red rose, cherries, strawberries etc.) which are Red in colour. Teacher asked students to colour the worksheets (apple).Read More..

School Reopens

The school reopens on 5th November 2014

Children's Day

Children's Day celebration on 14th November