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  • Uniform Open or Close
    All uniforms need to be of the regulation pattern

    Uniform for Girls: Tunic tops and cycling shorts.

    Uniform for Boys : Shirts and shorts.

    Students are expected to wear clean socks and shoes and are expected to carry school bags to school everyday.

    Girls with hair below their shoulder length should tie a neat plait. Boys should have their hair neatly cropped. Sideburns and long hair for boys is prohibited.

    Only black coloured rubber bands and hairbands are permitted for girls. Coloured clips, hairbands and combs are strictly prohibited.

    Only a simply pair of ear studs is allowed for girls. Other forms of jewellery shall not be permitted. Any breach of this rule will lead to confiscation of the offending articles and their subsequent retention by the school.

    Wearing Mehendi, nail polish or any sort of make-up to school is not permitted. Boys and Girls are not allowed to colour their hair.

  • School Diary Open or Close

    Every student must carry the school diary on working days as it is a link between parents and the school.

    Notes by the teacher need to be signed by parents/guardians.

    All announcements and notices in the school shall be given out through notifications in the school diary.

    Misplacement of the school diary shall require a purchase of the same for Rs.250/-only.

    If the diary pages are exhausted, a fresh diary needs to be purchased for Rs.250/- only.

  • Punctuality/Attendance Open or Close

    Students are expected to be punctual at all times. They will not be permitted into the school premises if they come in late. Students should be on time for attending Assembly.

    The leave note section is to be filled in by a parent/guardian if a student is absent from school. The note should clearly bear the reason for absence and must be signed by the class teacher.

    A student must maintain at least 90% attendance in each term.

    Every student is expected to be present on the opening day and closing day after and before a vacation respectively for promotion to the next class.

    Calls made to the school on days of torrential rain, suspension of public transport etc. shall not be entertained. School shall continue for those students who are present.

    Students shall not be granted half day leaves for any purpose. They will not be allowed to leave school on grounds of a doctor’s appointment or post assessments and unit tests.

    The school does not make provisions for students who were absent for unit tests and assessments.

    Leaves, apart from sick leaves, need to be sanctioned by the Principal.

    Students who are absent for more than a week without intimating the school about their absence or seeking prior permission, are liable to have their names struck off the school’s rolls.

  • Payment of Fees Open or Close

    Fees need to be paid via an A/C Payee cheque or Demand Draft drawn in favour of Takshashila Gurukul Public School.

    For the first term, the fees need to be paid by 31st May. For the second term, fees should be paid by 30th September. Failure to do so will attract a penalty of Rs.100 per day.

    Non-payment of fees by the end of the month shall lead to termination of the child’s enrolment at Takshashila Gurukul Public School.

    For re-admitting a student, an amount of Rs. 1000/- needs to be paid.

    Fees once paid shall not be refunded.

    Fines need to be paid via cash.

    Fees for the full term need to be paid even if the child is admitted in the middle of a term.

    The accounts department shall accept fees from Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 3 pm.

    Transport fees have to be paid for 12 months - 6months in the first term and 6months in the second term.

    Transport fees have to be paid in advance.

    No reminders shall be issued by the school for payment of fees.

  • PTAs and Appointments with School Directors Open or Close

    Special appointments need to be made at the school’s reception for meeting Teachers, the Principal and the Directors. Kindly contact the front desk for an appointment.

    Teachers and staff may be met on Thursday from 1pm to 3pm after class hours.

    Correspondences to the Principal should be addressed by designation and not name.

    All correspondences should quote the student’s roll number, as mentioned in the Fees Book.

    Parents/ Guardians are requested to intimate the school of a change of address or telephone number.

  • School Supplies Open or Close

    Each student is to bring his/her books, exercise books and stationary materials such as pens, pencils, erasers etc. to school every day.

    At the end of every academic year, students will be handed over a book and exercise book list that they are to follow while buying books.-didn’t understand this point.

    Students should bring tiffin in a proper lunch box and they must carry water bottles to school.

    Menu given in the diary to be followed strictly.

    All items to be labelled compulsorily.

    Playgroup and Nursery class students must be in diapers.

    An extra set of clothes must be given in the bag.

    A plastic polythene empty bag to be given in the school bag daily to pack soiled clothes.

    A student must have his/her ID card on him/her at all times.

  • Sickness Open or Close

    In case of a chronic illness, the Principal must be notified in writing by the third day of the illness along with the anticipated period for which the student shall miss school.

    Students absent from school on medical grounds must produce a fitness certificate from the doctor conducting treatment along with a note in the diary signed by a parent/guardian.

    Students suffering from contagious disease or have been exposed to an infectious disease, must stay at home to complete the quarantine period. On joining school, the quarantine period must be clearly indicated in the fitness certificate.

    Students taking medication to treat non-contagious diseases should carry their own medicines. The school shall not make provisions for such cases.

    In case a student falls ill or gets injured during class hours, parents would be contacted immediately. However, if parents cannot be reached, then the school shall act as it deems fit.

  • Regarding School Books Open or Close

    School books should be purchased according to the book list handed out at the end of every academic session.

    Books following the current NCERT syllabus should only be carried to the school.

    Every book should be neatly covered with the brown paper supplied by the school, bearing the school name, crest and address.

    Each book should have a neat label stuck on it bearing the Student’s Name, Class, Section, Roll Number and Subject.

    Exercise books should also be covered neatly with brown paper and they should also bear the Student’s information on the cover.

    Books and exercise books with flyaway pages must be mended immediately.

  • Report Card Days Open or Close

    Students need to be accompanied by their parents/guardians on report card days. They need to arrive at the time slot allotted with at least one parent.

    Parents may express their concerns about their children to the class teacher or subject on this day and discuss their child’s welfare with them.

    For a change in time slot, the class teacher needs to be communicated in advance.

    Guardians/Parents are required to sign the Progress Report in the space designated and note the number of days the student has been absent from school during the term.

  • Transport Open or Close

    Students shall be provided the option of availing transportation provided by the school. The fees payable for this service depends on the distance at which the student lives from the school.

    The onus of transporting children to and from their homes has been outsourced to a trustworthy agency. Complete information about the agency shall be provided to parents/guardians. Based on the information provided, the parents/guardians may take a decision about availing the service.

    Transport fees need to be paid twice in a year, in the months of June and December. The fees should be paid within the 10th day of the respective months.

    Transport fees shall not be refunded or adjusted in the event of a student being absent.

    Parents and escorts are requested to adhere to pick up and drop off timings.

    A lady attendant shall accompany the students availing transport services.

    Takshashila Gurukul Public School must be informed beforehand about the commutation status of the child. Students commuting on their own will be doing so at their own risk.

    Takshashila Gurukul Public School takes ample care of students availing the school’s transport services. However, in the event of an unforeseen incident, the school shall take no responsibility.

    The school does not take the responsibility of delays in pick-ups and drop offs. Parents/Guardians need to coordinate with the agency directly.

  • Weekly Menu Open or Close

    Please find below the weekly menu to be sent throughout the week in the snack box.

    We request you to strictly follow this menu time table in order to make your child learn to eat variety of things and to avoid children snatching each other’s snack boxes. Candy and chewing gums are strictly not allowed.

    We make the children wash their hands after they visit the washroom and before meals and snacks. Each child should carry their own hand towels.

  • Termination of Services Open or Close
    The admission may be terminated under the following circumstances:

    Registration fees not paid / Fees not paid on time.

    Constantly being late to school without being informed in advance.

    Parents must give a written application in case they need to withdraw their child from school.

    Fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Nature Walk

Nature Walk was conducted on 8th August, 2014. We took the students for a nature walk in the school premise, where teachers showed the students various plants, trees, flowers in and around the school. Teacher played games with the students. The students enjoyed the nature walk. They had fun and also were told about the importance of the Nature.Read More..

Red Day

Red Day was conducted on 13th August 2014, where the students were dressed in Red Coloured Dresses. Teacher showed them various things (apple, red rose, cherries, strawberries etc.) which are Red in colour. Teacher asked students to colour the worksheets (apple). Read More..

School Reopens

The school reopens on 5th November 2014

Children's Day

Children's Day celebration on 14th November